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BasicallyIDoWrk, VanossGaming, and Lui Calibre by totaldramarocks12
BasicallyIDoWrk, VanossGaming, and Lui Calibre
A Black chick, a Gaming Godess, and monkeygirl.

Art (c) Me //Totalsramarocks12//
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(WARNING: BL or yaoi (boyxboy) sex ahead)


BEN sits on the couch playing Marvel vs. Comcap 3 with his best friend/crush, the one and only Jeff the Killer. They made a bet against each other of course. I know what your thinking,"WHAT'S THE BET?" well the bet was who ever wins has to do whatever the other says. I know you can see where this is going.

The blonde elf boy mashed the buttons hard as hell. While Jeff sits there smirking calmly winning. After awhile, Jeff won the game. Shocked, BEN looking at the taller boy. "HOW DID YOU WIN!?" He screamed. "Just mashed buttons." Responded the taller ravened hair male said to his elf friend.

"Since I won, I want you to strip for me." He smirked at the blonde's pure blood red blush on his cheeks. BEN stuttered out. "H-Huh?!" Jeff repeated himself. The small elf sighed and looked into the killer's eyes as he slowly took his green tunic off showing his lanky pale chest and pink harden nipples. As Jeff watch, he started getting a erection looking at BEN's nipples. He lean closer and kiss BEN on the lips surprising the glitchy boy. BEN slowly kiss back wrapping his arms around Jeff's neck pulling the killer more into his lips. Jeff moves his pale hand up BEN's scrawny small body to the smaller pasta's nipples. He pinched the harden buds making Link look-like moan in pleasure. As Jeff did that, BEN rubbed Jeff's erected clothed bulge. As the to males slowly pleasure each other, they started taking their articles of clothing off one other. Once they were both only in boxers, BEN smirked as he rub his ass onto Jeff's bulge. Jeff moan but scooted back. "Suck my dick." He commanded. BEN shrugged and pulled Jeff's pale, large, and long cock out the bigger pasta's black boxers. BEN's eyes sparkled in awe and kissed the tip softly then lick all over the tip. Jeff watched being a moaning mess. BEN started giving the black hair 19 year old a blowjob. He went slow but after a while he got bored and went faster and faster making Jeff go off the edge cumming into the blonde's soft pale cheeks. He smile on Jeff cock taking it out of his mouth. BEN takes his tri-force printed boxers off showing his smaller cock to his lover. Is was probably about 5 inches smaller than Jeff's 10 inch monster. He blush in embarrassment making himself cry blood. Jeff pull BEN down onto his lips stroking the crying virus's hair clamming him down. "It's ok down worry I do it slowly but hard ok?" He looked down to see BEN nodded in a okay form. Jeff nodded too flipping them both over. He then slowly put the tip in and start slowly putting in each inch in BEN. BEN on the other hand in balling and gripping onto dear life on the bed sheets. Jeff looked down at BEN and kiss him softly to reassure hi through the pain. "Just tell me when to go." They wait for about minute til' BEN nodded and Jeff started thrusting slowly and hard. BEN muffled his screams of pleasures knowing that the others are in the household.

After a couple of hours of hot sweet lustful gay sex in the insane killer's room, both males finally came and lay on the bed tired as fuck (no pun intended) "I love you BEN." Jeff said kissing the Red face elf. "I-I love you too Jeff. " and that was the last exchange of word say to each other for the rest of the night into deep slumber.

// I hoped you enjoyed the story give me your thoughts and would couple a should do next. Thx guys!^_^// - aysha_g
Jeff x BEN Smut
Gay Sex. Gay Sex. Gay Sex.


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